On Corporate Secretary


Knowing Corporate Secretary, abbreviated as ComSec, for so long. Yet never got a chance to do the post. Having switch to this job for just fewer than one month, all I have to say is that we met a bit late. I believe I found my favorite job at last, may be even more favorable than just a Certified Accountant. Reason:

  1. Accounting could be interpreted as a financial compliance job, while ComSec could be interpreted as an all around compliance responsibilities for the entire enterprises.
  2. Technically speaking, accounting could even be seen as a part of overall corporate governance.
  3. Chief Compliance Officer is the chief post oversee all three main stems of Corporate Governance: Company Secretary, Accounting, as well as Legal issues. That’s way wider than merely a financial nor sales decision.

Having a complete, detailed-oriented mindset is a must for corporate governance, which I believe fit into my caliber quite well. That’s probably the main reason why compliance is my ultimate goal, instead of, say, finance or sales.

Getting all A+s in law related courses back to my college means that legal issues are also my type of interest. A “word” person, so to speak, is a huge plus.

Hoping that I could enrich my technical knowledge first, be them legal issues, accounting issues, board issues, or management issues. Then, build up my career path towards to corporate governance would be my ultimate dream.

Life is quite amazing that you will never know who you meet, what your challenges would be, what are your next difficulties, where are your next stop, when will be your next turn, how and why? But it’s all because of the unknown that made life so wonderful.





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